We created Nutty Buddy as a way of sharing one of our all-time favorite foods with everyone: nut butter. Truly one of a kind, our nut butter is as healthy as could be. We dry roast our nuts in small batches to bring out their naturally rich flavor. Then, we mix them with superfoods to create one-of-a-kind smooth & creamy deliciousness. 

Our mission is to 'spread' the love by sharing our carefully handcrafted, artisanal nut butters with the world. Nutty Buddy Nut Butters are always gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and free of refined sugars! We use raw organic coconut sugar to sweeten it, which is unrefined and has a lower glycemic index than traditional refined sweeteners. We dry roast our nuts to emphasize their naturally sweet aroma and maintain the mineral rich nutrients your body needs. We don't add any palm oil or artificial additives at all- it's just naturally delicious!

Our favorite way to enjoy nut butter is spread on toast with banana & cinnamon or just eaten straight out of the jar! There's endless options when it comes to nut butter: make a nut butter & jam sandwich, savory pasta, sweet cookies, and more. We hope you enjoy this guilt-free treat made with wholesome ingredients as much as we do!